Association of Volunteers for Community Development

AVODEC works towards the long-term sustainable development of impoverished communities.  We are a small, grass-roots non-profit in Jinotega, Nicaragua that was founded in 1998 after the devastating Hurricane Mitch destroyed our homeland.  Our services target Nicaragua’s poorest people by providing sanitation, health care, education, economic development, and housing.   Our programs target basic needs as well as means to production.


Housing for over 780 People.  Clean Water for over 6,000 People.

>800 Latrines.  >100 Small Businesses.

…and so much more.

We work with many small rural communities where people are living in dirt-floor shacks; where there is a lack of sanitation, pure water, and medical care; and where educational opportunities are limited.  AVODEC is a true grassroots organization that works through a partnership of generous donors, dedicated staff, Nicaraguan professionals, and countless volunteers.

Learn more about our programs: SOCIAL PROGRAM PRODUCTION PROGRAM