Our production program aims to give communities means to generate their own income.  Agriculture is the largest source of income in the region and AVODEC supports communities in creating new farms as well as adapting sustainable techniques.  We provide trainings as well as follow up to these programs.  The two main strategies are agricultural and pro-commercialization.

Famers inspect bean cropAgriculture: The agricultural program provides training and technical assistance, as well access to secure seeds and seed banks, minerals, cattle, and laying hens.  Teaching sustainable techniques is also a large part of our services.  Common topics are forest and fruit tree management, crop rotation, and soil and water conservation techniques.  As Nicaragua continues to grow and progress, sustainable practices will be the key to food security.

Women select pigs for businessPro-commercialization: These programs include micro business promotion as well as cooperatives, and storing centers for seeds. Vocational capacity creation programs include sewing, manual skills, computer skills, and micro-companies. AVODEC supports local agriculture and enterprises to allow communities to grow independently.  Vocational training in sewing, manual skills, and computer skills as well as supporting other small businesses such as pottery, tortillas and bread.  Clean burning ovens are provided to reduce health risks and and environmental impact.  This assistance not only creates jobs but provides stability for the majority of people who are working in agriculture.  This vocational training will strengthen the local economy and ensure a productive future.

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